Saturday, April 25, 2015

What’s killing your productivity at work?

Ever wished you could have achieved more while you're in the office? You're not alone — there might be many workers who do feel the same and are always in the lookout for ways to be more efficient and productive. Different things push each of us off balance at work. Some employees are thrown off by the slightest commotion, while others believe their productivity is killed by bigger disruptions. We tried to ask our colleagues what is killing their productivity at work. 

There are several things that kill my productivity at work, some of the things remains, the work pressure from higher officials, system errors and unnecessary noise. What I feel is while we are engaged in some important works, our mind should be on that and does not gets distracted which affects the work. Sometimes I have to do several tasks at a time which makes my mind exhausted and drains the productivity. sometimes I feel that whether I am doing the work in correct way, which normally effects my productivity, commented one of the respondents.
Over anxiety and tension will affect productivity. We must have good knowledge in the work we are undertaking. Along with that we should update our knowledge regularly. Heavy food makes me drowsy at times replied another employee.

Un-favoured or unpleasant work station environment kills productivity. Hot climate & power shutdown that heats up the environment, noise, personal disturbances which will affect the productivity as the work pace goes down if the work station environment is not favourable, said another respondent

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