Saturday, April 25, 2015

How you keep yourselves motivated?

Motivation is something which drives us towards our goal. The journey toward the goal is all about putting in the hard work and maintaining a high level of personal motivation to win. Every person has different motivations for working even the reasons for working is as individual as the person. But, we all work because we obtain something that we need from work. The something we obtain from work impacts our morale and motivation and the quality of our lives. It is learnt that motivated employees tend to retain a high level of innovation while producing higher-quality work at a higher level of efficiency. Thus it won't be wrong to state that Motivation is generally what energizes, maintains, and controls behavior of an individual. We tried to know among our colleagues, what motivates them at work.

When motivation is required during a tough phase I try to feel lot more positive and develop a sense of assurance that I can do better and best said one of the respondents.
Obviously appreciation from colleagues and higher officials motivate me. Doing a work with utmost perfection makes me self-motivated. In fact motivation helps to improve our productivity replies another colleague.
Motivation can be defined as force that causes an individual to behave in specific way; usually I am motivated when I get appreciation from my seniors. Also while I am at work I never think about negative things which helps me stay positive and get my work finished on time. Talking and sharing thoughts and feelings with my colleagues also helps to motivate me. I even prefer to read articles and blog related to my profession which triggers a sense of motivation in me says another employee.
It is the positive comments and recognition which I receive from my team mates and managers that gets me motivated towards my goal said another respondent. 

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