Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to learn from your failures?

'Failures are stepping stones to success', this adage signifies that failure is a matter of perspective and one should learn from it and overcome it.  Many think failure as the opposite of success. But failures are in fact the stepping stones of success. 

Failure means something different to everyone. But if you want to succeed, it can never be an endpoint. Be clear about what failure means to you. Remove the roadblock that is failure from your thought processes. Even the way you think of failure and the language you use to describe it makes all the difference. Take the stigma out of the word. Think of failures just as setbacks. And when you experience a setback, you reconsider, recalibrate and rebound. Everyone faces failures in life, what counts the most is how we bounce back and recover from it in the positive way. We tried to know how our colleagues take failure and how they learn from it.
In spite of feeling down, consider each failure is the pillars to success. Remember about the inventions happened in this world. If all these scientists stopped each time when they failed, what would have happen. They learned from their failures, correcting every mistake. So we must move on. When I come across failure I try to understand what went wrong and learn from it to be successful. Failure also encourages me to try harder and stronger replied one of the respondents.

For me failure has always been a motivational thing. It never stops me from trying nor does it discourage me to give up. One should always take failures in the most positive and constructive way by exploring what went wrong and rectifying the mistakes in the most appropriate way, commented another employee.

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