Sunday, April 26, 2015

What is your success mantra at work?

Success comes to those who dare to dream, to people who truly want to succeed. It does not come knocking the doors of people who only wait for things to take happen on their own. There is no success spell, so if you want it, go get it. We all know, the world is moving fast and our expectation from our professional life has also changed. We all in our own ways seek to beat the odds and strive for success in whatever we do. We tried to know what is the success mantra of our colleagues at various roles.

Learn from failures - For me success is largely dependent upon how we fail, how we view our unsuccessful endeavors; and most importantly how we learn from our failure and take encouragement from it and come out more hard replied one of the respondent.
Punctuality - For me punctuality is the mantra for my success and I proudly endorse it, I like to take up my work on time and finish the task on time which is something which motivates and adds to my success at work, said another employee.
Innovative - To be innovative is something which is the mantra of my success. To draw different strategy and learn and explore innovative ideas is what keeps me going replied another respondent. 
Tell us what’s your success mantra is, share your views in the comment session below.

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