Saturday, April 25, 2015

How you deal with office bullies?

The workplace becomes toxic in the presence of co-workers who are bullies. The victim must raise objections if it is hurting him/her in any ways or resort to intervention by the organization. If not handled deftly, office bullies can cause irreparable damage to the individual as well as overall productivity. We tried to explore among our colleagues and ask them how they deal with the office bullies. 

 I deal with office bullies in a sporting way; I tend to laugh it off and at times, reply to them or pretend as if I am not listening to them. It depends on person to person how they handle these kind of situations, said one of the employees. For me smile is the weapon believe me, Smile is a curve that makes everything straight, said another respondent.

Office bullies are really irritating for me, because sometimes it gets too much. It is the mindset of people who tend to enjoy bullying others. According to my opinion we should have the courage to deal with all these bullies by taking them with confidence, if not it’s better to sit quiet and avoid. Workplace bullying might include Shouting in private , disrespectful comments, excessive criticizing one's work to name a few said one of the employees.

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