Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to avoid distraction at work?

We all get distracted, but letting your attention drift on the job could end up costing you time and money. Sometimes the office can be the most distracting place. Often times the people and objects that are present to help us can be the biggest distractions of them all. From co-workers and clients to office politics and your buzzing Smartphone, it's easy to see why we often have a difficult time focusing while on the job. It is a test of our nerves to focus on our task without being distracted. 

We tried to explore how our colleagues at various capacities avoid distraction at work.
Distraction at work can be avoided by sustaining our work pace. During our work if something irks our mind then it distracts us from work. We can manage our thoughts by practicing meditation and physical exercises. Meditation helps us learn to manage our thoughts and physical exercise supports it replied one of the respondent.
My viewpoint is that it’s all about prioritizing. If one needs to work and sets work as prime priority he/she will stick on to it. Next factor is dedication; no one can suddenly attain this in a single day. So we must try until we achieve it! Adding to the context, yoga seems to be a good practice for this commented another employee.

I listen songs to avoid myself from distracting, that’s my best solution, it even helps me to increases my concentration at work said one of the employee.

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