Friday, February 19, 2016

Here's how to lose weight without starving...

Want to lose weight? Are you depriving yourself from eating what you love? Here is a catch, read on to know how you can lose weight by eating not starving. Starving yourself in the hope that few kilos S might reduce in the weighing machines, might seem a good idea to many. But, according to experts, the worst thing you can do to your metabolism is starve yourself. Although crash diets may help you lose weight, but you will lose muscle mass as well. The lower your muscle mass, the slower your metabolism. Losing weight is no rocket science. It is simple. One just needs to create a calorie deficit every day.

A caloric deficit is the number one requirement to lose weight. One needs to make sure that the amount of calories you burn should be more than the amount of calories you take on the same day. Explains Sapna Vyas Patel, a fitness professional, "If you want to lose 1 kg of your weight, you need to create calorie deficit of 770. So if you want to lose 1 kg per week, you need to create approximately 1000 calorie deficit every day. If you create 1000 calorie deficit every day, you will lose 1kg of your weight in 7-8 days." To create this balance it is important to have right meal which would raise BMR. "One must eat at regular intervals to let the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) raise. When one eats at regular intervals the BMR improves which in turn elevates the metabolism.

A 6-8 meal a day plan helps to manage hunger and maintain energy levels," says Preeti Seth, a wellness expert and nutritionist. So what should one do? Have a balanced diet. And what is a balanced diet? Explains Seth, "A well-balanced diet is a diet which has a good balance of all the components of food which would be great for weight loss. It should have all the required stuff in desired quantities. It should have all the required stuff in desired quantities. It should have an optimum balance in form of fruits, fibres, cereals, fluids, vitamins and minerals, etc. One must have 3-4 liters of fluids per day and a minimum of 2-3 portions of fruits and adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats, etc."

Alongside eating, one should add some physical activity. Like subtract the use of elevators and lifts, use stairs instead. If one has to travel to a nearby place, then prefer walking. This way one can keep his or her muscles active and maintain the energy levels. Patel says, "Have metabolism boosters like ginger, lemon, chilli, pepper and green tea. You can have a tablespoon of chilli and pepper in your food to increase your metabolism. Add ginger in food to speed up the body's digestion process."

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