Thursday, January 28, 2016

How To Avoid Distractions In The Workplace

Some of us get pushed off balance by the slightest interruptions at work, while others easily tune out distractions. The truth is, nobody is completely attentive to their work 100% of the time–and we can all use some guidance on ways to avoid or ignore disruptions in the office. All workers have trouble with distractions in the workplace to some degree. The key is to limit those distractions as much as possible.
We’d all get burnt out pretty quickly if we didn’t get distracted from time to time and take our minds off of work. The danger, however, is when distractions take up too much of our time and prevent us from getting our work done. If those interruptions in the office are not managed, they can seriously erode your ability to focus and may lead to factual mistakes and poor judgment; which can lead to poor performance. Frequent distractions can also negatively affect your mood.
They can prevent you from getting your work done on time, which creates more stress for you and consequently makes you more frustrated and unhappy at work. You may not have any control over these factors, but there are steps you can take to limit distractions, so that no one and nothing can interrupt you when you are trying to work.

Budget Your Time 
Have you ever wondered where the day went when you're leaving the office? If you make a careful schedule that accounts for all of your time and tasks -- free time, meetings, calls and quiet work time -- you'll be more likely to accomplish what you need to each day. Also, you'll always know exactly where the day went and what went into it.

Put Down Your Mobile Device
Constant but unscheduled phone calls and text messages are a common culprit when it comes to efficiency busters. Shut down your device or check it every hour or so, rather than keeping it at the ready when you're attempting to focus on a particular task.

Consider a Change of Scenery
When you're under pressure to complete a project, you may want to take your show on the road if you can. Work from anywhere you can truly devote yourself without the possibility of interruption. If working remotely isn't possible, find a conference room or vacant office to squat in so you can get things done.

Stop Incessantly Checking Your Email
Remember the days before email? No one does. Today's professionals have become slaves to constantly checking their email. Take control of your inbox and limit how often you check on and address email to stay sane and focused on the job.

Off-Hours Are In
If you're cursed with coworkers whose conversation you cannot resist, a phone that won't stop buzzing or an email account that sees more incoming mail, you may have to put in some time during off-hours. Try coming in earlier, staying later or dropping by the offices on the weekend to get at work that's getting pushed aside. This may not be ideal, but it may be what you need to stay on top of your responsibilities and get to the top of the corporate ladder.

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