Friday, September 18, 2015

How to Inspire Your Team?

Inspire. Just the word itself causes us to pause and think. We may remember our own personal heroes like Martin Luther King or Mother Theresa or a teacher or mentor who brought out the best in us and showed us the power of one person. As, Albert Einstein said: Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing. So, that means we all have the power to inspire others by our actions. We tried to know how our colleagues inspire the team. 
To inspire a team is a great task for the managers as well as for the team members, we have to keep in mind some important things which is necessary for the inspiration such as encourage individually, understand your team, focus on their weakness and strengths, reward them etc. If anyone of our team mates suffers from any kind of frustrations, we have to look into the cause and try to sort things at the earliest. Also give them what they are worth, provide them with better environment, offer opportunities and also conduct training classes which help them to perceive and utilize in a proper way, replied one of the respondents.

Inspiring team members is quite helpful to have a healthy relationship among each other. Inspiring a team can not only be done by superior officials. Co-workers can inspire each other, yet another way to work smoothly. A word of inspiration can make you rise when you feel down. Or when we work under pressure, a helping hand always will make you feel good, says another employee. 

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