Friday, June 8, 2012

Kingdom Monera

             Monera is a kingdom that contains unicellular organisms without a nucleus (i.e., a prokaryotic cell organization), such as bacteria. The kingdom is considered superseded. The Kingdom Monera is the most numerous of all organisms, and makes up the only prokaryotic kingdom.  All of the Monerans share these characteristics:

  • All bacteria are prokaryotes.  (lack a membrane bound nucleus)
  • All bacteria are unicellular.  (only have one cell)
  • They may be spherical (coccus), rodlike (bacillus), spiral (spirillum).
  • On average, bacteria are 1 micrometre long and 0.5 micrometres wide.
  • Bacteria are surrounded by a lipid membrane.
  • A cell wall lies outside the cell membrane.
  • Bacteria move by flagella, secreting slime or by axial filiments.
  • Bacteria reproduce through binary fission, which is asexual.

  • Bacteria, 
  • Nostoc, 
  • Blue green algae, 
  • Bacillus, 
  • Halo bacterium ....  

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